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Christopher Shinn’s DYING CITY

Alone after-dark in the hollowed shell of her downtown-Manhattan
apartment, Kelly, a young therapist whose husband, Craig, was killed while on military tour in Iraq, receives an unexpected visitor on the anniversary of Craig’s death:


Poster design by Nathan A. Martin

His identical twin brother, Peter.

Producers & Starring: Monica R. Harris & Matt Story
Director: Garrett Prejean
Stage Manager: Dan Schap
Assistant Stage Manager: Mark Bryan
Costume Designer: Aubrey Schwartz
Lighting Designer: Vic Woodward
Sound Designer: Glenn Aucoin
Set Designers: Matt Story & Vic Woodward
Marketing Director: Monica R. Harris 

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Photography by Larry Graham

“Shinn’s creepy, sophisticated drama—infused with references to 9/11 and the war in Iraq—explores how contemporary politics and recent history have transformed the lives of these three characters.”


“The finest new American play I’ve seen in a long while…”Dying City” is a political play and also a psychodrama about what Arthur Miller called ‘the politics of the soul’.  It’s about public conscience and private grief,
and real and symbolic catastrophes.”

—The New York Observer

“Anyone who doubts that Mr. Shinn is among the most provocative and probing of American playwrights today need only experience the…sophisticated welding of form and content that is “Dying City”.”
—The New York Times